Amarcord Fellini

Film director, Federico Fellini, created such masterpieces as La Dolce Vita (winner of the Palme d’Or in 1960), and 8½ (listed by Sight & Sound as the 10th greatest film of all time). And four of Fellini’s films appear in the BBC Culture’s poll to find the 100 greatest foreign-language films.

Fellini Museum

This year Rimini will celebrate 100 years since his birth with the opening of the Fellini Museum. Here visitors will be able to experience the atmosphere of his most famous films, follow his exceptional career, and enjoy watching films relating to his life.

But how to find Fellini’s Rimini beyond the museum? For a start, many of Rimini’s streets are named after his iconic films: Via Amarcord, Via La Strada and Via Satyricon. But I recommend starting at the Parco Federico Fellini at the end of the Lungomare. The giant-sized camera nearby was once a small film-developing shop. It was installed in 1948 by photographer, Elio Guerra, who believed that a shop in the shape of a camera would attract more custom. But by 2002 business had dropped, and the structure was later donated to the Comune di Rimini.

Federico Fellini, Rimini

Grand Hotel

The park lies beside the palatial 5-star Grand Hotel, which has a starring role in his comedy-drama Amarcord (1973). The story goes that, as a kid, Fellini used to gaze longingly through the gates of the Liberty-style Grand Hotel. Following his success as a filmmaker, Fellini became a regular guest at the hotel, with his own favourite suite.

The Grand Hotel celebrated its centenary in 2008. Though recently renovated, it has retained much of the original Italian and French furnishing, paintings, marble flooring and Venetian glass chandeliers. Today it’s possible to stay in Fellini’s room and even sample his favourite menu.

Fellini, Grand Hotel, Rimini

Things to do in Rimini

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