My work includes Skylines, commissioned by Aurum Press, and co-written with friend and fellow writer, Yolanda Zappaterra. It explores the architecture and skylines of 50 cities round the world, including Chicago, Kyoto, Cape Town, London, Shanghai, Paris, Baku, Rio, Tokyo, Rome, Marrakech, Vancouver, Genoa, Beijing, Rome, Budapest and Beirut.

I’ve travelled to hundreds of cities in more than 50 countries around the world. I’ve written about architecture, design, food and culture. See my travel features and articles here, so if you have a feature in mind, please contact me. Please also check out books, and film reviews.

I take all my own photographs, many of which are used in my articles and guides. In 2012 I won an award from the Italian Tourist Board for photos used in a feature on Modena. For a few more examples, please see here.