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Italian Heritage Foods Tuscany DOP

Italian Heritage Foods – Tuscany DOP

Tuscany’s DOP (denominazione di origine protetta) label can be applied to Pecorino cheese, Prosciutto ham and Chianti wine. The labelling is intrinsic to Italian heritage foods. In ‘Food Heroes’, Georgia Pellegrino explores some of these traditions, including dry-curing meat: US Food Standards v. Italian Tradition In 2002, in the interests of food safety, Pellegrino writes […]

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Pesto alla Genovese

Warning: this basil pesto bears absolutely no resemblance to any pesto you’ve even eaten from a jar. It’s tangy (basil, garlic), nutty (pine nuts), salty (Pecorino) and fabulously slithery (plenty of extra-virgin olive oil). 40gm basil leaves (ideally home-grown) 120gm Pecorino cheese (or similar, such as Parmesan), grated or cut into small chunks 1 clove […]

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