Honey on the comb

October 2015

Winning ‘Best Honey in London’ has made me very proud. Not that it’s been especially easy to get to this point.

After doing my training with Capital Bee towards the end of 2011, I finally got my hive and bees in May 2012. The hive is in Cordwainers Garden, the community garden that my good neighbour and friend, Kate, and I started the previous year. We kept the bees, with a few stings along the way, through harsh winters, wet summers and a suspected (but thankfully not) bout of the very scary European Foul Brood. After more than two years, in 2014 they rewarded us with a crop of beautiful straw-coloured honey. According to the experts among my friends, it was really excellent. We even put a little into our soap, along with some beeswax for added softness.

This year we harvested again and, while the honey was a deeper ale colour, it was just as tasty. So, on an absolute whim, I entered it into the ‘London Honey Show’ (www.londonbees.com) held at the Lancaster Hotel in October. Incredibly, it won ‘Best Home Honey’. The girls have done us proud and we’re thrilled. Now with three hives, and hoping for a mild winter, we’re looking forward to 2016…

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