Ice Cream, Rimini

June 2012

I’m looking forward to going back to Rimini. The last visit was back in 1970, on a ’round Europe’ caravanning holiday with my parents and three sisters.  I was nine years old.

Needless to say, with four girls ranging in age from seven to seventeen, there were tensions. The eldest, going through a Garbo phase, was struggling with the lack of ‘being alone’ opportunities – in three and a half weeks Dad drove the length of France to Italy, and back through Switzerland, Germany and Austria. That’s a lot of ‘six in a car’ time. The next eldest didn’t want to be on the trip either; she was still fuming that she hadn’t been allowed to go to Spain with a girlfriend. Minimus and I were at an age when everything was exciting, but when it all finally kicked off I remember that we were in Rimini…

Who knows what started it, but the adolescent rumblings of dissatisfaction finally exploded and the eldest two put on their hot pants and stormed off. (We later discovered that their destination had been the Purple Pussycat club and also noticed that the attention of some cool Italian boys had clearly had a pacifying affect on them.) Minimus and I decided to have our own rebellion and headed to a café called Mama Susie’s to share a plate of chips.

As summers go, I remember this as one of my favourites: long, hot days, sandy beaches, plenty of gelato, and family evenings out eating pizza fresh from the oven. The Purple Pussycat and Mama Susie’s have doubtless long since gone, but I’m sure Rimini will still be ticking a few of those boxes…

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