Here’s a piece I wrote for Traveldudes of the best things to do on the island of Capri. If you’d like an article written, or a review of a particular hotel, restaurant or activity, please contact me.


The lure of Capri…

Sex and glamour

Jackie Onassis, Tiberius, Capri pants – the island of Capri is synonymous with glamour, sexual mores and fashion. Small wonder it’s packed out with tourists most of the year. But while most of the real fashionistas have disappeared (though there’s still plenty of money washing around), and it can get unbearably crowded, there is still plenty of glamour to be found here in the designer shops and swanky restaurants and bars. As for the sex, I can only say that it’s the favoured destination of many a honeymooner, thanks to the gorgeous hotels that dot the island.

Walk in the past

There are wonderful walks to be had revealing the island’s natural beauty, as well as historical sights that really are steeped in history (you can still visit Tiberius’ Villa Jovis – though there’s not much evidence of the shenanigans that probably took place here over the years; you’ll have to use your imagination when you get to the precipice from where he apparently hurled those who irritated him).

Eat, drink, pose

After all that excitement you’ll probably be ready to give the great bars, restaurants and nightlife your fullest attention and where better to don your designer sunglasses and chill with an expensive cocktail than the famous Piazzetta? It might resemble Piccadilly Circus during the day but once evening comes and the crowds have (mostly) disappeared, you can get down to the serious business of star-spotting.

Shop ’til you drop

They’re all here: Gucci, Ferragamo, Fendi, Prada – along with some wonderful little shops selling the famous sandals that adorned the feet of icons such as Jackie O, or the equally famous Carthusia perfume that is still made according to an ancient recipe. You can also still get a pair of Capri pants made up in a day.

Take a view

The island is beautiful from most angles and there’s much to swoon over, whether you’re walking (or taking the chair lift) up to Monte Solaro or taking a boat out over the turquoise sea.

If you’d like an article written, or a review of a particular hotel, restaurant, activity, please contact me.