Fighting Fascism & Britain’s ‘Divide and Rule’

The Story of Balwinder Singh Rana

The story of Balwinder Singh Rana, an Indian activist who has been fighting fascism, racism and structural attempts at division in Britain for decades.

As a researcher on the Brick Lane project, I was one of those tasked with identifying, and making contact with, some of the activists captured in photographer Paul Trevor’s images. Balwinder Singh Rana is one of the anti-racist and anti-fascist activists from this period. Here is his story, printed in the Byline Times in October 2020.

If you found this interesting, I also wrote about another of Paul Trevor’s photos in an article called ‘The woman with the afro’. I discovered that the woman was none other than Barbara Beese, one of the last remaining members of the ‘Mangrove Nine’. Here is her story, also printed in the Byline Times in September 2020.

The ‘Brick Lane 1978 – The Turning Point’ exhibition – a collaboration between Four Corners Gallery, the Swadhinata Trust and photographer Paul Trevor – will take place in spring 2022.

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