The Woman with the Afro

The Story of Barbara Beese

The Story of Barbara Beese. In the wake of the Black Lives Matter movement and ahead of a new drama by Steve McQueen, I spoke to one of the last surviving members of the ‘Mangrove Nine’, whose trial in the 1970s was a defining moment for Black Power in Britain

As a researcher on the Brick Lane project, I was one of those tasked with identifying, and making contact with, some of the activists captured in photographer Paul Trevor’s images. A few were easily recognisable, and others were known to members of Swadhinata Trust, joint collaborators on the project. But one stood out for me – a striking woman with an afro, holding the hand of a small boy looking straight at the camera. Read more here

‘Brick Lane 1978 – The Turning Point’ – a collaboration between Four Corners Gallery, the Swadhinata Trust and photographer Paul Trevor.

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September 2020