About me

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Jan FuscoeI’m an independent travel writer and photographer. I worked at Time Out for almost two decades, during which time I wrote for, and edited, dozens of travel and style guides, hotel reviews for Time Out‘s website, and film reviews for the magazine.

I’ve written food-centred articles for Sainsbury’s, design and architectural features for Design Exchange, cultural city spreads for Bologna, and about bee-keeping in Sardinia for Hidden Europe magazine. Click here for more.

I am currently the Travel Expert on Sardinia for the Telegraph.

If you’re looking for a feature, need a guide update, or just want some enlivening copy, hire me.

In 2011, I helped set up a community garden with my neighbour. We converted a piece of wasteland in central Hackney into a burgeoning growing space that is used by 100s of gardeners and volunteers every year. In 2012 I began a beekeeping course and kept hives in the garden until 2019*. Read more about the garden here (written by my neighbour). Cordwainers Grow developed out of the garden and runs workshops related to gardening and growing, such as the Hackney Herbal workshops, and Lessons in Dyeing (using dye plants grown in the garden).

Most of the photos on this website, and in my published work, are my own.


* 2015 ‘Best Local Honey’ at the London Honey Show

*2012 Italian Tourist Board: ‘Best Travel Photography’ for One Day in… Modena (Bologna magazine, Writer/photographer)

* 2009 Italian Tourist Board: ‘Best Travel Guide’ for Perfect Places: Italy (Time Out, Editor)