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Venice was once a water-logged destination for those escaping the plague on mainland Italy. It became one of the most powerful Italian republics, a great maritime power, and centre for the world’s finest art and music. Today the city seems to be drowning under the weight of its success. Each year it’s invaded by tourists […]

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Rome Colosseum


Cinecittà & a cinephile’s introduction to Rome A lifetime spent in the Rome wouldn’t be enough to explore its art, architecture and cultural history. In a weekend, all you can hope for is to get a flavour of what this rich city has to offer. You’ll want to return again, and again… Even for those […]

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Fellini, Rimini

Living La Dolce Vita

A day in Rimini, with Federico Fellini  15 October 2013                 With over 15 kilometres of sandy beach, it’s little wonder that Rimini is one of the most popular resorts in Europe. From June to September much of the beach is covered by serried ranks of coloured umbrellas […]

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Venice – Lights, camera, action…

Playing host to the oldest film festival in the world, La Biennale, Venice is used to seeing stars, but the city itself has played a starring role in some of the world’s most famous films. The magnificent palazzi and churches rising up out of  watery ‘streets’, the narrow alleyways that echo with the city’s long […]

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timthumb (3)


  On 31 October 2013, Rimini celebrated the anniversary of the death of one of its most famous sons, Federico Fellini. Film director Fellini created such masterpieces as La Dolce Vita (winner of the Palme d’Or in 1960), and 8½ (listed by Sight & Sound as the 10th-greatest film of all time). In 2012 I visited Rimini […]

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La Strada signpost, Rimini

La Dolce Vita

Cool hotels, stylish bars and endless beaches, Rimini just got its mojo back. Film director, Federico Fellini, and his iconic films, such as Amarcord, La Strada, 8 ½ and La Dolce Vita, are shorthand for cool and sexy, but his birthplace of Rimini was once considered a little down-at-heel; harsher critics described it as the ‘Southend […]

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Cinquecento, Procida


Pretty Procida is the smallest, and certainly the quietest, of the three islands off the coast of Naples – a mere four square miles, with a relatively dense population of 10,000 people. It was the chosen film location for Michael Radford’s film  Il Postino (1994), and you can still visit the little café where some […]

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