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Estense Castle, Ferrara


The exquisite UNESCO World Heritage site, once home to the d’Este family, is easy to walk/cycle around, and is rich with Renaissance art and architecture. But there’s plenty more to capture the imagination: ‘In Italy in the 16th century, food was considered as much an art form as music or theatre, and in 1529 a […]

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Ferrari Museum, Modena


Balsamic, Bottura and beautiful cars… In The Italians, Luigi Barzini offered a consummate portrait of the national character of his compatriots. He cheekily suggested that the art of appearing rich was perfected in places like Modena. The tiny principality boasted ‘immense princely palaces, castles, vast churches, and stately opera houses’ wildly disproportionate to its size. It […]

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Mille Miglia, Bologna

24 hours in Bologna

What a difference 24 hours can make. Yesterday the residents of Blogville were very excited. The Mille Miglia – one of the most famous classic car races in the world – was coming through Bologna. And the region’s Tourism Office had invited us to join them in the VIP area. It was a fantastic opportunity […]

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mexico, naples


I decided to skip the private jet, and take the overnight train to Naples. I was about to spend the next seven days cycling and sailing. It’s cheap, eco-friendly and a lot of fun… If you can’t explore one of the most spectacular coastlines in the world in a classic sports car, the next best […]

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