Ferrari Museum, Modena


Balsamic, Bottura and beautiful cars…

‘In his 1964 book The Italians, a consummate portrait of the national character of his compatriots, Luigi Barzini cheekily suggested that the art of appearing rich was perfected in tiny principalities such as Modena that boasted ‘immense princely palaces, castles, vast churches, and stately opera houses’ wildly disproportionate to their size. But here it’s the visitor who wins, with all the sights within walking or cycling distance. Modena’s no slouch when it comes to food either; there are several superb restaurants, not least the Osteria Francescana, with its three Michelin stars, as well as an array of wonderful local foods including tortellini, mortadella, Lambrusco wine and, of course, the famous balsamic vinegar.

Read more in my six-page article* published in specialist culture magazine Bologna (Issue 3 Autumn 2013).

*for which I received the ‘Best Travel Photography’ award from the Italian Tourist Board in 2012

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  • Balsamic vinegar ‘factory’ (single room in the attic of an old farmhouse)
  • Modena’s Duomo
  • Brand new Ferrari museum
  • Osteria Francescana restaurant (Three Michelin stars and voted 5th best in the world), plus world-class chef Massimo Bottura

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