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Winner of Italian Tourist Board’s ‘Travel Photographer of the Year 2012‘ 

Runner up ‘Best Travel Guide 2009’ for Time Out’s ‘Italy: Perfect Places’

Book: Skylines, A Journey Through 50 Skylines of the World’s Greatest Cities.

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Sardinia (Alghero, Olbia, Cagliari, Costa Smeralda, La Caletta, Nuoro)

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Pumpkin Soup

For a cheap, delicious, spicy, warming, hearty and healthy winter soup, this recipe for pumpkin soup is an absolute winner. And it only takes 15 minutes to make! Add chilli for heat, and turmeric as it’s an excellent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. Don’t peel the pumpkin as it contains plenty of vitamin D (essential at this time […]


It’s a fruit. You’ve never heard of it? Not surprising as it’s one of the rarest fruits in the world. However, thanks to the inclusion of pompia in various Sardinian desserts and liqueurs, the fruit  survived. Its scientific (and pretty accurate) name is Citrus monstruosa. But it could just as easily be known as Citrus […]

Pesto alla Genovese

Warning: this basil pesto bears absolutely no resemblance to any pesto you’ve even eaten from a jar. It’s tangy (basil, garlic), nutty (pine nuts), salty (Pecorino) and fabulously slithery (plenty of extra-virgin olive oil). 40gm basil leaves (ideally home-grown) 120gm Pecorino cheese (or similar, such as Parmesan), grated or cut into small chunks 1 clove […]

I have known and worked with Jan Fuscoe for many years in her capacity as a travel writer and photographer. She’s a talented travel journalist with a deep knowledge of Italy and she’s has been nominated ‘Travel Photographer of the Year 2012’ in our annual Travel Awards as well as runner-up for ‘Best Travel Guide in 2008’ in recognition of her brilliant features and photography on Italy.